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How many employees does Saber Healthcare have?

11,000Saber Healthcare Group, L.L.C. has 11,000 total employees across all of its locations and generates $655.44 million in sales (USD). (Sales figure is modelled).

Who is the CEO of Saber Healthcare?

Bill WeisbergOther speakers included Saber Healthcare's CEO and owner Bill Weisberg, who gave an overview of the company, the healthcare industry, and his perspective on leadership amidst a pandemic.

We Customize Care

We heal holistically, tending to your emotional and physical health. Dignity and respect define our approach to senior care. We want what you want – to return to health and, whenever possible, to return and stay home and healthy.

We Offer Guidance

Count on us to help you find the right room, the right doctor and the right recovery plan. At Saber Healthcare Group, we know how confusing it can be to navigate the world of health insurance. We’re here to hold your hand. That's the Saber way.

We Listen with Empathy

You or your loved one deserve communication that’s clear, responsive and appropriate. We carefully answer your questions. We honor your desire to receive information in the way, and at the depth, that you find most helpful. It’s a standard that’s set in senior living with Saber.

We Hire and Develop Talented Care Givers

We recruit and select top-flight physicians, nurses and staff. Our facilities feature the latest medical technology, and we invest in professional development, so we keep improving and you keep getting the best care possible. Our dedication to competent, compassionate, customized care starts with Saber’s expert staff.

so much fun with teamwork as the focus

always feel at home here, the staff always work together for common goals.ive been here for over a year and ive been in many of departments. awesome!!

Thumbs down

Everybody has a attitude majority of the time pay is extremely low for what you have to put up with. The entire building is unprofessional, messy and no one takes care of the elders the way they should be taken care of. Janitors clean when they feel like it the building is filthy.

The corporate is out of touch with the facilities, very reactive

The corporate upper management is out of touch with the facilities, very reactive and does not look for root cause analysis when trying to solve issues.

Going downhill

The turnover rate is high. You’re not paid for all the work you do. Always overworked and understaffed. The nurses are not helpful. Not a good place to work

Disrespectful environment

The management is terrible, egocentric, and is very disrespectful to their employees. They care more about their bottom line ($$$) than they do their employees or the residents they serve.

Not a good company to work for, run

Management and pay is horrible. Always short staffed, scheduling is all over the place. You will have no life outside of work if you work here. This company cares more about the money rather than the patient...The best part of working here is getting to know the residents.

Productive and fun work place

I loved it very fun place to work. Competitive pay and flexible hours. Staff is nice and respectable. The office is well organized and clean for guests and family to arrive

Paid time off

No holiday pay, no great benefits, you get talked about behind staff back, again no help workers is either outside smoking or somewhere gossiping. - view all

Bonus pay

No holiday pay, no great benefits, you get talked about behind staff back, again no help workers is either outside smoking or somewhere gossiping. - view all

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